Children's Sleeping Bags

With summertime activities including hiking, camping and sleepovers, the must need staple for any indoor and outdoor overnight outing is undeniably the sleeping bag. Featured in a variety of colors, sizes, designs, the appropriate sleeping bag for your kid or teen can be as customizable and unique as your children themselves.

Sleeping bags suited for outdoor purposes come in a number of rugged themed patterns, including an assortment of animal print designs. With patterns including tiger print, zebra print and pink leopard designs, animal-themed sleeping bags bring the thrill of the grasslands and savannahs of Africa to warmth and safety of the home. Similar nature designs include a camouflage sleeping bag, specifically designed to blend in with its surroundings. As with many outdoor and animal-themed sleeping bags in our collection, children may wish to turn the bag inside out to reveal a simpler solid black interior for reversible purposes.

While boys may find the camouflage sleeping bag more appealing, an array of girl-themed designs will surely suit both kids and teens alike. Eye-catching colors, including hot pink, yellow and orange, are the focal point of several patterns including the pink peace sign and candy taffy stripe bags. Girls seeking an older and more mature look may prefer the an antique black toile look, combining black ticking stripe with fanciful images of castles, forests, and period men, women and children in picturesque settings.

As with all sleeping bags in the Artistic Sensations collections, your child’s name or initials can be added as a personalized option. With a variety of thread colors and fonts to choose from, personalization and customization of your child’s bag will ensure that their sleeping bag remains both unique and easily identifiable among their friend’s bags. All Artistic Sensations sleeping bags are personally chosen by experienced parents and tested for safety and durability, ensuring that any selection is among the highest quality from dozens of top designers across the country.

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