6 Must-Have Features for Your Child’s Art Room

When setting up an art room for your child, there are certain pieces you’re going to want to make sure you include. Your child will want to get the most out of her art room as possible, and setting it up with everything she could wish for is a great way to help her develop her creativity. Here are six must-have features for your child’s art room.

Work Space

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It’s important that your child have plenty of workspace when her creative juices start flowing. You can easily set up a table big enough for her to spread her projects out and work on them when she likes. Be sure the workspace has a large, flat surface to color, draw, and paint on, cleans up easily, has enough room to spread materials around, and includes a comfortable seat to work from.

An Easel

If your child enjoys painting and drawing, an easel is the best feature to have in her art room. She can use it to create as many pictures as she wants. Make sure she has plenty of drawing paper, large enough to fit on the easel. Then include a set of paints, markers, crayons, colored pencils, or other drawing tools.

Art Supplies

You can’t have a good art room without plenty of good art supplies. Add shelves to the room and fill them up with drawing paper, drawing tools, molding clay, art books, stickers, and any other art supplies your child wants to experiment with. Keep the shelves organized with containers, file racks, and drawers. Your child can create wonderful storage containers and folders for all of her supplies herself.

Wall Space

Keep the walls blank when you set up your child’s art room so she can fill them up with her art work. She’ll love being surrounded by the pictures she draws and paints, and will be inspired to create more. You can switch the pictures up as often as you need to, and keep her most recent work displayed throughout the room.

Books About Art

Even if your budding artist is too young read on her own, it’s never too early to surround her with books. She can look at the pictures and see masterpieces from around the world, and reading about art together can be a nice activity to share with your child. A true artist needs to be immersed in creativity, and she’ll appreciate the support and inspiration.

A Smock

Even the best artists can’t stay clean while working. Most may argue that the messier they get, the more artistic they are. So invest in a good smock for your child to wear while playing in her art room. You’ll want one that’s machine-washable and will last for years to come. If you’re worried your child may wear it out too fast, Buy two or three and rotate them.

These six must-haves will make your child’s art room her favorite room in the house. Include an easy-to-clean floor and you’re all set. Imagine the hours of fun she’ll have creating and exploring the world of art.

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